Friday, August 17, 2018

Sprucetown United Methodist Church 2018

Ad Council Chairwoman
Ad Council Co-Chairman
Ad Council Secretary
Chruch Treasurer
Chruch Assistant Treasurer

Finance Chair


(off in 2018)
(off in 2019)
(off in2020)

Staff Parish Relations

     (off in 2018)
     (off in 2019)
     Alternate 1

     Alternate 2

Education Chair
Co-Lay Leaders (Liturgists)
Finance Chairwoman
Audit Committee
Church Historian
Lay Servant
Kitchen Committee

Worship Chair

Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator

Safe Sanctuaries Advocate

Teresa Leiby
Claude Witmer
Carol Eberly
Wanda Hockenberry
Jean deMin

 Jean deMin


Andy deMin (chairman), Christopher Spotts
Barbara Garbrick, Teresa Leiby
Mark Leiby, Harry Hockenberry


Tami Spotts
Nancy Wells
Tawnya Childs

      Julia Franklin

Beth Brown
Janet Zerby
Betty Smeltzer
Nancy Wells, Tawnya Childs, Tyler Eberly, Hannah Spotts, Wanda Hockenberry
Jean deMin
Jean deMin & Tawnya Childs
Beverly Foust
Julie Franklin
Nancy Wells
Tami Spotts, Wanda Hockenberry, Jean deMin

 Janet Zerby

      Teresa Leiby

      Betty Smeltzer


Penns Valley United Methodist Charge 2018

Charge Ad Council Chairman
Charge Ad Council Secretary
Charge Treasurer
Charge Assistant Treasurer

Staff Parish Relations Chairman (SPRC)
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference

Charge Audit Committee


Paula Smith
Cathy Highbaugh
Cathy Highbaugh

Paula Smith
Sandy Muthersbaugh, Ron Fetzer


Russell Beaton
Mary Muthersbaug

      Tawnya Childs